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Nursing team members' reaction to dying patients and their family in a intensive care unit

OBJECTIVE: Nursing team members have different reactions when providing care to dying patients and their family members. PURPOSE: To explore feelings and perceptions of ICUs' nursing team members who provide care for dying patients and their family and to identify these nursing team members' coping mechanism and support to deal with this clientele situation. METHODS: Data were collected using a qualitative approach and content analysis was guided by Dejours' psychodynamic of work. RESULTS: The findings suggest a need for debriefing group meetings in which nursing team members will have the opportunity to express their feelings, anxiety, and fear in providing care for the dying patients and their family. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS: There are noformulasto facilitate the adaptation psychological in the attitude to death but it can be easy since the death can perceived as a natural process.

Death; Attitude to death; Adaptation psychological; Nursing; Intensive care units; Nursing, team

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