Semipurified glycerins on starting piglets feeding (15-30 kg)

Glicerinas semipurificadas na alimentação de leitões (15-30 kg)

The nutritional value and the performance of piglets fed on diets with semipurified glycerin (SPGV) and mixed (SPGM) vegetable oil was determined and evaluated. Thirty-two crossbred piglets, allotted in a completely randomized block design, were used in the digestibility trial. Two types of glycerin (SPGV and SPGM) and three levels of diet (4, 8 and 12%) were studied. The experimental unit consisted of one piglet. Glycerins' metabolizable energy (ME) was estimated by regression of ME (kcal kg-1) intake associated with glycerin vs. glycerin intake (kg). ME as-feed-basis rates were 3,373 for SPGV and 2,932 for SPGM, or rather, the glycerins are highly available energy source for piglets. In the performance trial, 90 piglets were allotted in a completely randomized blocks design in a 2 x 4 + 1 factorial scheme, two glycerins, four levels (3, 6, 9 and 12%), five replicates (pens) and two piglets per pen. A control diet with no glycerin (0%) was additionally formulated. Since no effect of glycerin inclusion on pig performance occurred, it was feasible to use up to 12% of both types of glycerin on piglets feeding.

co-product; energy feedstuff; glycerol

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