Evaluation and transformations in brazilian higher education (1995-2009): from provão to Sinaes

José Dias Sobrinho About the author

This text establishes a basic connection between the main evaluation policies and the transformations in Brazilian higher education, conceived and practiced since 1995, pointing out some of the effects on undergraduate teaching. This period coincides with the government of presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso (1995-2002) and Lula (2003 - ...) and the time period of the current LDBEN law (1996). After a brief panorama of Brazilian higher education during this period, the main evaluation instruments used in Brazil are analyzed, emphasizing Provão and ENADE, and some of their effects on higher education. At the end, a few considerations on general or large-scale exams are presented with the purpose of also pointing out their interference in education.

Higher education; Evaluation; Provão; SINAES; ENADE; General exams

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