Institutional Authorship in the School Newspaper O Colegial, a Publication by Colégio Catarinense Students (1945-50)

Tânia M.Barroso Ruiz About the author


The present paper discusses the concept of authorship in the school newspaper O Colegial - a publication by Colégio Catarinense [Santa Catarina School] students. The foundations of the Bakhtin Circle’s dialogical discourse analysis support the proposed discussion in Applied Linguistics. Data consisted of six annual editions of the newspaper published by Colégio Catarinense from 1945 to 1950, in Florianópolis - SC, and of the discursive genre imprint page. The methodology comprises the analysis of the historical dimension of the newspaper, followed by the analysis of the newspaper editions and the imprint page. Results show that, as authorship was conceived as institutional, O Colegial was not a vehicle for students to make their voices heard, as stated in the title. The axiological position of this publication was to persuade its interlocutors of the educational quality of Colégio Catarinense and to silence the voices of students who were contrary to the values of this educational institution.

Authorship; School newspaper; Education

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