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Preliminary observations on the toxicity of γBHC and mercuric cloride on Artemia salina

Results of bio-assays using Artemia salina larvae in γBHC-HgCl2 mixture are presented. The results obtained are compared with those obtained using the two chemicals separately. The LC50 for γBHC was almost double that for HgCl2. The effect due to the primary dose of HgCl2 was observed for approximately 16% of the population (LC2.3) while for γBHC the population percentage was 2.3 (LC2.3). As a consequence, subsequent doses were more effective for HgCl2 than for γBHC. The effective dose 50% (ED50) is about the same for γBHC and for γBHC + HgCl2 mixture, though in higher doses BHC would be more effective, while in smaller doses the mixture would predominate.

Bioessays; Larvae; Pesticides; Heavy metals; Artemia salina

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