Editorial note

Editorial note

In the editorial of Science (January 16, 2004) Wheeler, Raven, and Wilson emphasize society's growing need for taxonomic information "in order to conserve, manage, understand and enjoy the natural world". In the same editorial the authors point out that "taxonomy is a planetary-scale science", citing "[expediting] taxonomic research" as the challenge within this context.

The South American continent, endowed as it is with great biodiversity in fauna and flora, has an asset of enormous scientific and economic importance to the entire planet. Therefore, improving and advancing technology and research in taxonomy and biodiversity of the neotropics are of prime importance in meeting the need for reliably generated information. In Brazil, the project Biota FAPESP in São Paulo State exemplifies well an approach to studying biodiversity against a sound taxonomic background.

Since taxonomy of aquatic and terrestrial organisms is one of its priority areas, the Brazilian Journal of Biology invites relevant notes, comments, and opinions. Needless to say, quality papers in taxonomy are always welcome.

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WHEELER, Q., RAVEN, H. P. & WILSON, E. O., 2004, Taxonomy: Impediment or Expedient? Science, 303: 285.

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