Use of yacon flour and fructan extract in the formulation of luncheon meats

Ellem Waleska Nascimento da Fonseca CONTADO Denise Alvarenga ROCHA Estela de Rezende QUEIROZ Celeste Maria Patto de ABREU Eduardo Mendes RAMOS About the authors

The objective of this study was to develop two luncheon meat formulations containing yacon flour and yacon fructan extract, in order to obtain products with improved nutritional quality and rich in dietary fiber. The luncheon meats were prepared replacing the cassava starch (1.73%) with yacon flour, and the water used in the formulation (37.85%) with the aqueous fructan extract. The effects of these substitutions on the technological and sensory qualities of the luncheon meats were evaluated, comparing them with a control. The results obtained showed there were significant differences between the formulations. The addition of yacon flour to the luncheon meat resulted in a formulation with a lower sodium content, yellow index, hue, hardness, flexibility and adhesion and lower scores for the items of taste and overall impression. However, they showed that the luncheon meat prepared with the fructan extract presented an acceptability similar to that of the control, but with reduced hardness and higher levels of potassium and fiber, resulting in a meat product beneficial to the health.

Chemical composition ; Color ; Objective texture ; Sensory analysis

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