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Streblid bat flies (Diptera) and other ectoparasites on bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera) from French Guiana

Moscas estréblidas (Diptera) e outros ectoparasitos de morcegos (Mammalia: Chiroptera) na Guiana Francesa


Recent field surveys of bats (Chiroptera) in various localities of French Guiana have been accompanied by the collection and preservation of ectoparasites, mainly bat flies (Diptera: Streblidae and Nycteribiidae). Most specimens of ectoparasites was collected haphazardly during the course of bats inventories, but systematic surveys on the whole chiropteran community were realized at five opportunities. Concerning Streblidae, 813 individuals have been examined, which represent 46 species and/or subspecies belonging to 15 genera and 6 taxa for confirmation and/or future description. For Nycteribiidae, 44 individuals of 3 identified species and 2 for confirmation and/or future description. Other ectoparasites have been found (Hemiptera and acarids), which are also listed with details on their bat-host, place and date of collect. For six species of bats in which at least 10 animals were carrying ectoparasites, a brief description of the frequencies of their ectoparasites provides some preliminary characteristics of their infracommunities.

Infracommunity; host-parasite relationship; Guianan bioregion

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