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Ichthyofauna of lotic environments in the Ivinhema river basin, upper Paraná river, Mato Grosso do Sul state, Brazil

Ictiofauna de ambientes lóticos na bacia do rio Ivinhema, alto rio Paraná, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil


In order to inventory the species richness and fish fauna composition along the Ivinhema river basin, 232 stretches of rivers and streams were sampled from 2000 to 2018, using a rectangular sieve, trawls, gillnets, cast nets, and electrofishing. A total of 141 species was caught in the basin, including seven orders and 35 families. For the recorded species, 42 are from the upper Paraná river, 51 from lower Paraná river, 27 from other basins, two from other continents, and the origin for 19 species are unknown/not reported. Six species are registred for the first time in the upper Paraná river basin: Astyanax abramis, Moenkhausia oligolepis, Serrapinnus kriegi, Curimatopsis myersi, Pyxiloricaria menezesi, and Cichlasoma dimerus. This is the first complete survey of the ichthyofauna in lotic environments along the whole Ivinhema river basin, containing relevant information for comparing studies and serving as reference data that can contribute to the management and implementation of politics for conservation of the basin. This survey also increases 24 species on the list of the most complete inventory in the upper Paraná river published in 2007.

Fish communities; freshwater; survey

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