Distribution of Oecomys catherinae Thomas, 1909 (Rodentia: Cricetidae) in northeastern Brazil with karyotypical and morphometrical notes

Distribuição de Oecomys catherinae Thomas, 1909 (Rodentia: Cricetidae) no nordeste do Brasil com notas morfométricas e cariotípicas

The genus Oecomys Thomas, 1906 is currently composed of 16 species with unclear taxonomy and poorly known geographic limits. O. catherinae Thomas, 1909 is known to occur within the Brazilian Atlantic Forest from the states of Santa Catarina to Pernambuco (where the northernmost previously known specimen of Oecomys in the Atlantic forest was recorded), and along riverine forest into the Cerrado. To gain a greater understanding of its geographical and ecological distribution (mainly in Northeastern Brazil) and of its taxonomic characterization, we provide a short review of karyotypical and morphometrical data from specimens collected within the distribution range of the species. Specimens presented 2n = 60 and AN varying between 62 and 64. A table with external and cranial measurements of the analyzed specimens is provided. In this paper we also report the presence of O. catherinae in the semi-deciduous forests of the state of Paraíba, representing the northernmost records of the species in the Atlantic forest and thereby extending its known geographical limits.

small mammals; new register; Sigmodontinae; cytogenetic; morphometrics

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