Curriculum Management of Mathematics under Different Professionalities

Vanessa Moreira Crecci Dario Fiorentini About the authors

This paper presents an analysis of how mathematics teachers used and applied materials sent by the Secretaria Estadual de Educação do Estado de São Paulo (SEESP) from 2008 to 2009, in the context of the program “São Paulo Faz Escola”. It also examines the relation between curriculum management ways and different teacher’s professionalities, evidenced by research. The research data was obtained by supplying questionnaires to mathematics teachers in the city of Campinas region. Subsequent semi-structured interviews were conducted with five selected teachers, followed by on-site observations of two of those teachers’ daily classroom practices. The results indicate that teachers, who participated in this research, although pressured to implement the proposal of SEE-SP, demonstrated, each one according to their professionality, autonomy in curriculum management and resilience in the face of outside pressures.

Prescribed/proposed curriculum; Curriculum management; Mathematics teachers; Teacher Professionality

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