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Teachers of the First Three Years of Elementary School in the São Paulo Municipal Schools and their Relation with the Curriculum Prescribed and Presented for Mathematics Teaching

Janaina Pinheiro Vece Edda Curi About the authors

This article aims to investigate, based on studies of Sacristán, the math curriculum prescribed and presented dimension in a cutout of a research inserted in a project allocated in a FAPESP Public Education improvement program. It uses the focal group as research methodology, aiming to identify the perceptions of teachers from the 1st to 3rd years of Elementary School related to the Mathematics curriculum of São Paulo Municipal Secertariat. Research shows that teachers have notions of prescribed curriculum, but do not know it completely. They also claim to use the curriculum presented by adapting and introducing their own teaching strategies.

Prescribe Curriculum; Presented Curriculum; Mathematic; Teachers of the Beginning Years of Elementary Education

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