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Does the premature loss of primary anterior teeth cause morphological, functional and psychosocial consequences?


Premature loss of primary anterior teeth in deciduous arches is a controversial topic in the literature, especially due to the lack of robust scientific evidence regarding the types and magnitudes of the consequences involved. Morphological, functional, and psychosocial problems may arise from untreated premature loss of primary incisors and canines. The morphological problems include impaction and eruption disturbances of permanent successors; inclination and/or extrusion of adjacent and antagonist teeth, respectively; midline deviation; and crowding. Functional complications, such as speech disorders, aesthetic problems, and development of non-nutritive habits may occur, resulting in psychosocial implications, including a decrease in self-esteem, and even being targeted for bullying. The current critical review aimed to present and discuss the evidence available in the literature about the etiology, characteristics, implications and interventions resulting from the premature loss of primary anterior teeth. It is of utmost importance that future studies be developed to support the clinical decisions made by dental professionals on this topic.

Incisor; Cuspid; Tooth, Deciduous; Tooth Avulsion; Tooth Extraction

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