Effect of different double-sided plastic films on chemical and fermentation characteristics of corn silage

Fernando Braga Cristo Mikael Neumann Fernando de Souza Sidor Maria Eduarda Cozechen Seller Daniel Corrêa Plodoviski Everton Luiz Carneiro Paulo Victor Pinheiro Cesar Leticia Santos Savoldi Luísa da Costa About the authors


The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of different double-sided plastic films on chemical and fermentation characteristics, dry matter digestibility, aerobic stability, physical and dry matter losses in corn silages stored in bunker silos. This was a completely randomized experimental design consisting of three treatments: DF110µm - double-sided polyethylene with 110 µm thickness; DF200µm - double-sided polyethylene with 200 µm thickness; and DFBO - oxygen-impermeable film consisted of double-sided polyethylene with 80 µm thickness overlaid with a translucent vacuum polyamide film with 20 µm thickness. The use of DF200µm film increased the ruminal dry matter digestibility by 4.58% and reduced the silage temperature by 3.1 °C, as well as the physical losses of the corn silage were reduced by 118.9 g kg-1 DM using DFBO and 95 g kg-1 DM with DF200µm; DFBO resulted in the highest aerobic stability (127 hours) of corn silage. The use of DF200µm and DFBO is recommended for preserving corn silage in bunker silos.

Oxygen barrier; Dry matter digestibility; Aerobic stability; Dry matter losses; Polyamide

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