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Prunning recuperation of tangerine 'Ponkan' in the county of Perdões-MG

The aim of this work was to verify the effect of top pruning for the top reduction and the skirt pruning for the recuperation of tangerine Ponkan trees 12 years old, 5 meters of height, plants with 6x4 meters of distance and grafted over 'Cravo' lemon tree. The experiment was conducted at Vito Crincoli Farm, located at county of Perdões-MG Brazil. The experimental design was in randomized blocks, in two factors arrangement (4x2) composed by: top pruning (without pruning and pruning at levels 3,0; 2,5; 2,0 meters of height) and skirt pruning (with and without pruning), with fours replicates. Each plot was composed by three plants. The production of the tangerine trees after the first year of pruning decreased because of the pruning intensity. The different types of pruning did not change the fruits quality.

Citrus reticulata Blanco; quality; production

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