Prison: educational institution?

Elenice Maria Cammarosano Onofre About the author


The meaning we intend to give to these reflections about the prison institution, as a space for promoting educational experience for people who are in situation of liberty deprivation, is based on three axes: transverse nature in the prison system; transverse nature in social practices; and transverse nature in educational activities. The transversal discussion is linked to the understanding that education happens throughout life and everywhere. Thus, thinking about the different school and non-school social practices taking place inside prisons seems like a way to find new opportunities that may lead to the possibility of coping with the paradox between punishing and teaching. On the other hand, the prospect of a transverse approach enables us to develop learning propositions that are meaningful for the prison system and that ensure that learners live a normal life once they are released.

Prison and education; Social practices and educational activities in prison; Transversality and education

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