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Education and work in a women's re-education center: a case study

Timothy Denis Ireland Helen Halinne Rodrigues de Lucena About the authors


Although the supply of education and vocational training, in Brazilian prisons, is given priority in proposals for the reintegration of prisoners, education and work compete rather than complement each other. Taking that premise as our starting point, in the present article we analyse this binomial in the Women's Re-education Centre in João Pessoa (PB), based on two surveys conducted with women with prison experience. To that end, we assume that education and work are potential sources of learning and should be more accessible and complementary in the context of women's prisons considering the specifics of gender involved in them. However, we also understand that they should not be seen as guarantees for the broad purpose of rehabilitation and social reintegration for which the junction of other post-prison actions are necessary.

Education and work in prison; Education of women prisoners; Social reintegration

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