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An education of the eye: the images in the society urban, industrial and of market

In this article, we intend to think the process of industrial production of images as part of a program of visual education, whose historical origins precede the current industrial development. Our hypothesis is that the thoughtless valorization of the production and consumption of pictures through technological apparels reproduces and intensifies the depreciation of the senses in the knowledge production and revalues the "Cartesian" thought, educating the eye to see the man and the world agreement the possibilities and the limits of these ways of representation of the reality. The absence of a critical attitude in relation to the processes of production of these images and the ignorance of its historical origins do with that the school incorporates, in a conservative way, the program of visual education above referred and educate, in an alienated way, the eye to see the reality.

Education; Picture; Look; Technology and Descartes

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