Health and education: a partnership required for school success

Samantha Pereira Juliana Nunes Santos Maria Aparecida Nunes Moisés Gonçalves Oliveira Tâmara Simone Santos Vanessa de Oliveira Martins-Reis About the authors


To investigate the association between home environment resources and the school performance of children from a public school in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, enrolled in the fourth year of the second cycle of Elementary School.


This is a cross-sectional descriptive study in which 48 children aged between 8 and 12 years old participated. It included 28 boys, 20 girls, and their respective guardians. The children were evaluated in hearing and school performance regarding reading, writing, and arithmetic. In the home environment, the resources that promote proximal processes, activities that indicate stability in family life, parent's practices that promote a family-school connection, the resources that may contribute to the development of academic learning, the child's health, the presence of altered communication, family literacy, and socioeconomic data were assessed.


There is a relationship between the home environment resources and the academic performance in reading and writing (for all categories of the Home Environment Resources Scale, HERS). The statistical relationship between performances in arithmetics was found in two of HERS' categories: home environment resources and family-school connection.


The home environment influenced the learning development of the assessed children.

Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences; Family; Child; Health; School; Learning

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