Effects of spinal manipulation in patients with mechanical neck pain

Efeito da manipulação vertebral em pacientes com cervicalgia mecânica

Efectos de la manipulación vertebral en pacientes con cervicalgia mecánica

Diana Gregoletto Cruz Miguel Cendán Martínez


To analyse changes in the range of motion (ROM) and pain after spinal manipulation of the cervical spine and thoracic spine in subjects with mechanical neck pain.


: Spinal manipulations were performed in the cervical and thoracic spine with the Gonstead and Diversified DTV techniques. To assess cervical ROM an inclinometer was used. Cervical pain was assessed by Visual Analogue Scale (VAS). The participation of 73 patients was obtained. Ages ranged from 18 to 63 years, with an average of 42.27 years. The subjects of this study were characterized by having mechanical neck pain and restricted cervical ROM.


We observed a reduction in the intensity of pain perceived by patients and increased cervical ROM. There were significant differences between pre-treatment values (first visit) and the fifth and tenth visits (p<0.01), and between the fifth and tenth visits (p<0.01) in all parameters except in the cervical extension of 70º.


The results of this study suggest that spinal manipulation of the cervical and thoracic regions with the Gonstead and Diversified DTV techniques could subjectively reduce pain and produce considerable increase in cervical ROM in adults with mechanical neck pain.

Neck pain; Range of motion; Chiropractic; Spinal manipulation; Cervical vertebrae

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