Excellence in science: a critical affirmative response1 1 This work was supported by the Spanish Ministry of Economy under grant FEM2013-48225-C3-1-R..

Ana M. González Ramos Beatriz Revelles Benavente About the authors


Excellence in science is defined as a neutral process for the selection and recognition of worthy theories and researchers. This principle is based on the metricization of academic life through employing universal criteria that support fair play and equal opportunities. However, feminist theories have claimed that the organization of science based on excellence is never neutral or objective. Meritocracy reproduces inequality from social structures, particularly those related to gender stereotypes and barriers in researchers’ career evaluation, as well as research outcomes. In this paper, we propose that excellent knowledge is produced only through gender and science in the making.

Professional de Velopment; Meritocracy; Women; Interdisciplinarity

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