Psychogenesis of written language: a much needed analysis

Paulo Estevão Andrade Olga Valéria Campana dos Anjos Andrade Paulo Sérgio T. do Prado About the authors


In Psicogênese da Língua Escrita [Psychogenesis of Written Language], Ferreiro and Teberosky describe a study on the development of reading and writing. The theoretical and methodological framework is provided by the Constructivism of Piaget: the active child builds their knowledge interacting with the environment - in this case the written language - and develops it throughout different stages. From Chomsky, the authors borrow the idea of an innate device for language acquisition, generalizing for the acquisition of reading, which would be learned as naturally as speaking. A third interpretive landmark is the Whole Language approach, whose main focus of reading must be the search for meaning. We present an analysis of internal contradictions of the text and a comparison of this text with some of the literature referenced in the work itself.

Language; Reading; Writing; Constructivism

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