Collaborative system and full-time education in Brazil

Donaldo Bello de Souza Janaína Specht da Silva Menezes Lígia Martha C. da Costa Coelho Elisangela da Silva Bernado About the authors


Expansion of coverage of full-time education offered by Brazilian public schools is one of the 20 main decisions of the Plano Nacional de Educação 2014-2024. The present article aims to analyze some of the federal government programs that may contribute to the local implementation and development of this coverage. They are grounded in the collaborative system that is based on three actions of the Plano de Ações Articuladas: Programa Mais Educação, PDDE/Educação Integral e ProInfância. It is observed that if, by one hand, their local existence is strongly dependent on federal government initiatives; and, on the other hand, they demand greater participation by educational systems to promote them, also in terms of constructing their own proposals from the perspective of a full-time educational program.

Education Full Time; Educational Policies; Plano Nacional de Educação; Brazil

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