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Renal artery duplicity in dog

Renal vessels abnormalities are noticed with low frequency in veterinary medicine ad may have direct implications on the regular functioning of these organs due blood flow change. Thus, the aim of this report is describe a case of duplicity of the renal artery in a five year crossbred female weighting 18kg. The animal went to death due chronic hemoparasitosis and had latex injected by the thoracic aorta, on the sixth left intercostal space. It was dissected after being set in a 10% formaldehyde solution on the Animal Anatomy Laboratory of the Veterinary Medicine College, UNICASTELO, Fernandópolis, SP, aiming the visualization of the abdominal aorta branches. It was observed that the right kidney was irrigated by two arteries, of different diameters, characterizing duplicity of the renal artery. The secondary artery presented a diameter 28.1% smaller than the main artery of the same antimeter and 34.3% smaller than the main artery of the other antimeter. Both right arteries got into the kidney by the hilus region and presented practically parallel path. The left kidney presented irrigation by the corresponding renal artery, without any anatomical alteration in number. This kidney arterial duplicity should be considered in dogs, mainly when kidney alterations are present or when abdominal surgical interventions are driven near the kidneys, aiming to avoid errors due anatomical unfamiliarity of important structures.

duplicity; renal artery; dogs

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