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Prospective Impact of technology Xaxim Agroecological using the Inova-Tec System v 2.0

The Xaxim, vase or medium used for the cultivation of various species of ornamental plants, their production was made from the stems of plants of Dicksonia sellowiana. Currently this species is endangered and its extraction prohibited by federal law. As a solution, Embrapa Agrobiology developed Xaxim Agroecological, innovative technology that utilizes the roots of pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) to add the substrate and form the structure of the vase. In order to proper management of innovation attempted to make the study of technological impact parameter settings guided by economic and market measured via prospective analyzes. In this situation the ex-ante evaluation is an essential component for developing future scenarios and guiding factor for the company generating innovation. In this research we tried to carry out an ex-ante evaluation of Xaxim Agroecological within the methodology proposed by INOVA-tec System v 2.0. based on indicators relevant to the invention. For Xaxim Agroecológico, using INOVA-tec System v 2.0, demonstrated with a potential scenario conducive to technological innovation from occurring improvements in indicators that make up the environmental and economic.

ex-ante evaluation; Prospecting; Inova-tec System v 2.0

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