Effect of leaf presence on semihardwood cutting rooting of grapevine rootstocks

The objective of this experiment was to study the rooting of semihardwood cuttings of the grapevine rootstocks IAC 766 and IAC 572, in mist chamber condition. For each rootstock, three types of cuttings were evaluated: with leaf, with half leaf, and without leaf. A randomized design was used as experimental model in a 2-factor arrangement (2 rootstocks genotypes and 3 types of cuttings), with five replications and 10 cuttings per plot. The results were evaluated by variance ana byssi and Tukey test with 5% of probability. The rootstock IAC 572 showed better rooting than IAC 766. The leaf presence in semihardwood cuttings of grapevine was essential for adventicious root formation.

grape; propagation; root

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