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Seroprevalence of the caprine arthritis-encephalitis vírus infection in dairy goats in the region of "Grande Fortaleza", Ceará, Brazil

Ana Célia Mendes Melo Carlos Roberto Franke About the authors

A serologic survey was performed using a agar gel immunodiffusion test (AGID) with the Maedi/Visna virus antigen (p28) to estimate the seroprevalence of the caprine arthritisencephalitis virus infection (CAEV) in a dairy goat population in the region of "Grande Fortaleza", in the state of Ceará, Brazil. In this study a total of eight flocks were examined, five included intensive and three semi-intensive managements. The population studied consisted of three groups: pure-bred animais of exotic races such as Saanen, Alpine Parda, Anglonubian and Toggenburg: crossbreeds and animais of undefined breed. Serum samples were colleted from 248 goats, clinicai analysis were performed, andan epidemiologic survey was applied. Analysis of the results showed a seroprevalence of 40.73% (101/248). All seropositive samples carne from the flocks with intensive management (5/8). The distribution of seroprevalence in each of these flocks was 61% (54/89). 74.28% (26/35), 61.11% (11/18), 11.36% (5/44) and 75% (6/8). A significam difference (P<0.05) was observed on the seroprevalence among the pure-breeds, crossbreeds and animais of undefined breed, of66%(80/l22), 31% (19/61) and 3% (2/65), respectively. No significam differences (P>0.05) were observed related to age and sex of the studied animais.

goat; caprine arthritis-encefhalitis; seroprevalence; Ceará; Brazil

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