Prediction of black globe humidity index and of the impact of climate changes on acclimatized broiler houses

Raphaela Christina Costa Gomes Tadayuki Yanagi Junior Renato Ribeiro de Lima Sílvia de Nazaré Monteiro Yanagi Valcimar Ferreira de Carvalho Flávio Alves Damasceno About the authors

The goal of this work was to adapt and to validate a model to predict black globe humidity index (BGHI) inside of acclimatized broiler houses, and analyzing the effect of climate changes on the thermal environment of production through the future scenarios. The experimental data used to adjust and validate of mathematical model were measured in two acclimatized broiler houses equipped with negative tunnel ventilation system coupled to pad and mist cooling systems. Prediction of BGHI values were statically equal to the observed (t test, P>0.05), with error of 1.55±1.08%. Considering the system analyzed, the climate change foreseen by the future scenarios will turn the environment unsuitable for broiler chicken production, especially during spring and summer that presented BGHI values above to the comfort limit.

thermal comfort; poultry; buildings; climate change

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