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Addition of whey and coffe in the quality of dulce de leche paste

This research was carried out with the objective to verify the effect of substitution of milk for whey and the addition effect of coffee in the quality chemical and sensory of dulce de leche. A full factorial was used 2², with two levels (± 1) with the addition of three central points (0) and two levels of axial points (±1.41). The data were analyzed by statistical methodology of response surface and the data obtained with the acceptance testing was assessed using preference mapping. The results indicated that the increased concentration of whey increased the moisture content and yield of sweet and decreased protein and fat. The addition of coffee changed the moisture of candy. The response surface analysis for the composition of sweets showed that the maximum substitution of milk whey to produce dulce de leche would be 37%. For the preference map, observed that the sweets preferred by consumers were the formulation 1 and 2. The determining factor in their choice of sweet was the concentration of coffee, since that consumers preferred the samples with low concentrations of coffee independent of the concentration of whey, enabling with this the use of whey in the manufacture of dulce de leche, thus obtaining a new product.

dulce de leche; coffee; whey

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