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Reticulocytes and hematocrit of dogs before and after partial splenectomy

The reticulocytes are erythroid cells that exhibit residual RNA, being released from bone marrow by erythropoietin stimulus in response to tissue hypoxia. After its release from bone marrow, they are temporarily sequestred in the spleen, where they acquire form of mature erythrocytes. Besides, the spleen is also responsible for storage of the blood and their elements. The splenectomy is indicated in cases of splenic torsion or rupture, symptomatic splenomegaly, and splenic masses. This study aimed to evaluate the response of reticulocytes and of hematocrit in dogs submitted to partial splenectomy. Nine mongrel males and female dogs were used. The samples were obtained one hour before the surgery and 48, 96, 144 and 168 hours after this procedure. The findings demonstrated that the hematocrit decreases significantly after the partial splenectomy. Highest values reticulocytes were reached 96 h after the surgery, followed by a decline in number, nevertheless, the counting was higher than moments before of the partial splenectomy.

reticulocytes; partial splenectomy; hematocrit; dogs

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