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Body composition and growth of piava juveniles fed with diets containing corn and wheat flours submitted to the cooking

This study was aimed at evaluating the cooking effect in corn and wheat flours in the body composition and growth of piava. They were used 300 juveniles (Initial weight=8.03 ± 0.02g), fed for 60 days, once a day (3%BW). The basal diet was constituted by only matrix, being the treatments designated: diet B (without cooking), M (cooked corn flour), T (cooked wheat flour) and diet MT (both cooked flours). Body moisture was higher in fish fed with M, T and MT diets, while the inverse was observed for the body lipids. The ash and protein values didn't present significant differences. It was not observed effect of the thermal treatment on the fish growth. It's concluded that the cooking in the corn and wheat flours not affect growth, however it reduces lipids deposition in piavas juveniles.

piava; carbohydrates; cooking; juveniles; Leporinus obtusidens

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