Germination of Conyza canadensis and C. bonariensis seeds under presence of aluminum in the substrate

Seed germination can be greatly influenced by environmental conditions, which affects the establishment of floristic communities. The weeds, although they had features as hardiness and its ability to germinate seeds under environmental stress conditions, may experience the direct effect of the presence of toxic elements in the substrate. Aluminum, present in soils with low pH can negatively impact the germination of seeds of crop species and weeds. This research aimed to study the toxic effect of aluminum presence in the substrate during seed germination of Conyza. Germination was reduced by the presence of aluminum in the substrate, with significant decreases from 1.5cmol c dm-3 for the seeds of both species. The germination rate was affected from the lower concentration of aluminum tested (0.5cmol c dm-3). These results demonstrate that the seeds of both species are sensitive to the presence of aluminum in substrate germination.

horseweed; fleabane; stress; tolerance

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