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Use of acupuncture in the management and therapy of feline idiopathic lower urinary tract disease

Several diseases may affect feline lower urinary tract, causing unspecific signs such as: hematuria, dysuria, pollakiuria, stranguria, periuria or urethral obstruction, which are clinically described as feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). However, FLUTD is of unknown etiology in up to 65% cases, named as idiopathic feline lower urinary tract disease (idiopathic FLUTD), which is a challenge to veterinary, since there is nor diagnostic or effectiveness treatment available. Recently, many studies have evaluated the role of neurogenic inflammation related to stress as etiology factor to idiopathic FLUTD. There are scientific evidences that acupuncture recuperate homeostasis, reduce stress and, by peripheral nerves stimulation, active endogenous antinociception mechanisms, modulating inflammatory and pain mediators' release, such as substance P. The aim of this review was to describe how acupuncture may be recommended to idiopathic FLUTD therapy, based in modulating bladder neurogenic inflammation and reducing the stress in these cats.

urinary system; cats; neurogenic inflammation; acupuncture; substance P

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