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New pipette for intrauterine insemination in pigs

The aim of this work was to evaluate the reproductive performance of 423 sows of 1 to 9 farrowings inseminated with two different intrauterine artificial insemination (IAU) pipettes. The first group (T1) was formed by sows inseminated with a new pipette whose extremity was not fixed in the cervix. The second group (T2) was formed by sows inseminated with a Verona® pipette model, with its extremity fixed in the cervix. The degree of difficulty to perform the insemination, the time spent during the insemination, the presence of blood after insemination and of semen backflow during insemination were considered for the comparison of these pipettes. Return to oestrus rate (RO), pregnancy rate (PR), adjusted farrowing rate (AFR) and total litter size (TLS) were also evaluated. All females were inseminated with 1 billion spermatozoa per dose applied at intervals of 24 hours. The catheter of IAU was successfully inserted in 95.9% of females without difference between treatments (P>0.05). The presence of blood, in at least one insemination, was observed in 20.6% of T1 and 15.2% of T2 females (P=0.14). The average time to perform the insemination was 2.1 minutes for T1 and 2.3 minutes for T2 females (P=0.26). The percentage of females with semen backflow was significantly higher (P=0.01) in T1 (8.4%) compared to T2 (2.9%) group. There were no differences (P>0.05) in RO (8.0% and 4.8%), PR (93.4% and 96.2%) and TLS (12.4 and 12.7 piglets) between T1 and T2 groups, respectively. AFR of T1 (90.6%) tended (P=0.07) to be lower than that of T2 (95.1%). Primiparous females of T1 showed higher RO and lower AFR in comparison to pluriparous (P<0.05). The results indicate that the new pipette can be used in pluriparous females without compromising their reproductive performance. However, caution is necessary for the utilization of this new pipette in primiparous females.

intrauterine insemination; pipette; primiparous females; pluriparous females; swine

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