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Replacement of corn by citrus pulp in high grain diets fed to feedlot lambs

Dried citrus pulp (DCP) is a high energy byproduct and may be used to replace corn in early weaned lamb diets. Two trials were performed to evaluate the effects of replacing corn by dried citrus pulp on lamb performance and diet digestibility. In trial 1, 64 Santa Ines ram lambs (initial BW 18 ± 0.6kg and 73 ± 1 days old) were used to evaluate average daily gain (ADG), dry matter intake (DMI) and feed conversion (FC). In trial 2, 12 ram lambs were placed in metabolism crates to evaluate N metabolism and apparent digestibility of diets. In both trials, lambs were fed a 90% concentrate (ground corn and/or DCP, soybean meal and minerals) and 10% coastcross hay (Cynodon spp) diet. DCP was added at 23.7, 46.1 and 68% (diet DM) replacing corn by 33, 67 and 100%, respectively. In Trial 1, the higher ADG (267g day-1) and DMI (1.01kg day-1) were observed when DCP replaced corn by 33% in the diet. In Trial 2, apparent digestibility of DM (P<0.03) and CP (P<0.10) showed a linear decrease. However, NDF digestibility increased linearly (P<0.04) with the addition of DCP. OM digestibility and N metabolism were similar among treatments.

byproducts; feedlot; pectin; Santa Inês

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