Goat spermatozoa after freezing in skimmed-milk extender supplemented with reduced glutathione

Adriana Trindade Soares Sildivane Valcácia Silva Felipe Costa Almeida Paula Fernanda Barbosa de Araújo Lemos José Ferreira Nunes Christina Alves Peixoto Maria Madalena Pessoa Guerra About the authors

Aiming to evaluate in vitro effect of different concentrations of glutathione reduced (GSH) in skimmed-milk and glycerol 7% it was used semen from five Boer bucks. After collect and evaluation, a pool of samples was diluted in skimmed-milk and glycerol 7% plus antioxidant: G1) Control; G2) GSH 2mM mL-1; G3) GSH 5mM mL-1 and G4) GSH 7mM mL-1. Samples were frozen in straws (0.25mL) and stored at -196°C. After thawing, samples were subjected to integrity of the plasma membrane (iMP) and acrosomal (iAc), mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP), kinematic and ultrastructure analysis. Control and GSH (2, 5 and 7mM mL-1) groups did no differ (P>0.05) in iMP, iAc, PMM and kinematic parameters. In the ultrastructural analysis, percentages of acrosome and plasma membrane (tail and head region) intact did not differ (P>0.05) between groups. However, Control group had higher percentage (P<0.05) of gametes with intact axonemes than those of GSH (2, 5 and 7mM mL-1) groups. Higher percentage (P<0.05) of sperms with intact mitochondrias were observed on Control group than those of GSH (5 and 7mM mL-1). It can be concluded that the GSH (2, 5 and 7mM mL-1) addition in skimmed-milk diluent to freeze goat semen did not preserve sperm integrity.

antioxidants; semen; sperm viability

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