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Conglutination of the cerebellar granule cell layer in cattle

Cerebellar conglutination of the granule cell layer is a postmortem artifact observed in cattle. It is related to increased time between death and fixation of the brain. In this study, 228 cerebellum were histologically analyzed throughout cerebellar vermis. Cerebellar conglutination was observed in 36% of the cases and it was not related to specific diseases. Seventy-four percent of the cases did not present any histological lesions in the brain. Microscopically, cerebellar conglutination was characterized by segmentar or diffuse dissolution of the granule cell layer. This artifact has been misinterpreted as resulting from specific diseases of the central nervous system in cattle, and it has to be differentiated from important antemortem lesions.

cerebellar conglutination; 'état glacé'; neuropathology; central nervous system; pathology; artifact

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