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Reproductive performance of gilts submitted to seminal plasma transcervical infusion at breeding oestrus

The aim of this study was to evaluate the estrus length, time of ovulation and reproductive performance of gilts submitted to the infusion of seminal plasma at the beginning of the breeding oestrus. A hundred and forty seven pre-puberal Camborough Ò gilts housed in the summer (n=69) and in the winter (n=78) were used. In the beginning of the three oestrus, gilts were submitted to a transcervical infusion of seminal plasma or allocated to a control group. Gilts were examined Three times daily for oestrus and ovulation detection, and three inseminations were performed in 8 and 16h intervals after the beginning of oestrus. Oestrus duration was not influenced by seminal plasma infusion. In the summer, gilts received seminal plasma infusion anticipated ovulation in 4.18h (p=0.06), whereas in the winter no difference was found. As to return to oestrus rate, adjusted farrowing rate and litter size, no difference was observed between the groups in both evaluated seasons.

swine; reproduction; seminal plasma; ovulation

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