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MicroRNAs in veterinary cardiology

MicroRNAs em cardiologia veterinária


The use of biomarkers is an important recent development in veterinary medicine. Biomarkers allow non-invasive quantification of substances with diagnostic and prognostic potential in several diseases. The microRNAs are small, non-coding RNAs that regulate gene expression and are expressed in different forms in many diseases. Reduced or over-expression of microRNAs showed to be part of the pathogenesis of some heart diseases in humans and animals. Diagnostic and therapeutic value of measuring microRNAs in veterinary cardiology is increased because abnormal expression can be managed by the use of antagonists (in the case of overexpression) and mimicking (in the case of underexpression). Thus, this literature review aimed to compile scientific evidence of dysregulation of microRNAs expression in different cardiac diseases being one of the promises in the therapeutic field and diagnosis of veterinary cardiology. MicroRNAs not only have potential as a biomarker but may also help in elucidation of aspects of the pathogenesis of a variety of diseases.

Key words:
molecular biology; genetic; biomarker; heart failure

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