Correlation of lodging with grain yield and other agronomically important traits in wheat plants

The selection in yield primary components and lodging resistance with goal of increasing grain yield can represent efficient strategies for optimizing genetic gain in wheat. In this sense, the objective of the present work was to detect characters that enable the identification of high grain yield potential and lodging resistant genotypes through the use of indirect selection. The experiment was conducted at the Centro Agropecuário da Palma, Capão do Leão/RS, consisting of nineteen wheat genotypes arranged in random block design with three replications. In this work conditions the hectoliter weight can be efficiently used through indirect selection aiming increasing grain yield, average grain weight, number of grains per ear and ear weight. The character ear weight showed high indirect effect on grain yield and can be used for indirect selection due to its ease of measurement. The line TB 951 is indicated as an excellent source for lodging resistance in wheat, and can contribute to increase ear length, number of spikelets per ear, ear weigh and number of grain per ear.

indirect selection; path analysis; Triticum aestivum L.; plant breeding

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