Hepatic quantitative radiography in dogs with acepromazine

The acepromazine is one of the most commonly tranquilizer used in veterinary medicine and its use may cause splenomegaly. However it is not known if it can cause hepatomegaly. The aim of this study is to evaluate the quantitative radiography with digital assistance to determine the liver size and volume of dogs tranquilized with acepromazine. Nine healthy dogs were radiographed in the lateral right and ventral-dorsal liver , before and after intramuscular administration of acepromazine at a dose of 0.1kg-1. It was possible to characterize the size and increase in liver size (P<0.05) between the different experimental moments with a strong positive correlation between the measures liver assets. The quantitative radiographic technique used in this study accurately characterized the increase in size and volume of the liver in dogs treated with acepromazine.

phenothiazine; radiographic examination; liver; canine; hepatomegaly

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