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Starches from non - conventional sources to improve the technological characteristics of pound cake

Amido de fontes não - convencionais para melhorar as características tecnológicas de bolo inglês

This study evaluated and compared the effect of the utilization of five different non-conventional starches (chickpea, common bean, Peruvian carrot, sweet potato and white bean) and four different commercial starches (cassava, corn, potato and rice) in pound cake. Common bean starch, followed by Peruvian carrot starch were the non-conventional starch sources that showed tendency to improve the technological quality of pound cake, mainly in relation to corn starch, the most common commercial source. With these sources, the batters presented lower specific gravity and the cakes presented higher specific volume, lighter color, lower crumb moisture reduction during the storage period, and better texture attributes during all the cake shelf-life. Moreover, common bean starch provided higher scores in the cake sensory evaluation; especially for grain and texture attributes (moisture, tenderness and softness). Chickpea and white bean starches were more similar to corn starch in pound cake application.

bean; chickpea; Peruvian carrot; potato; cassava; starch; pound cake

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