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Carcass characteristic of charolais and crossbreed charolais x nellore young bulls, feedlot finishing

The objective of this experiment was to evaluate the carcasses of young bulls Charolais (C) and crossbreeds C x Nellore (N), feedlot finished. Twelve animals of genetic groups C, 11/16CN and 5/8CN had been used, with initial age of 12 months and 270kg of average weight. The animals had been slaughtered at 17 months, showed no difference between the genetic groups studied for slaughter weight, cold carcass percentage and thickness fat, with 418.76kg; 54.67%; 2.51 mm, respectively. Group 11/16CN showed minor Longissimus dorsi area in relation to the C and 5/8CN. The crossbred animals exhibit higher leg length (70.13 and 69.75cm to 11/16CN and 5/8CN, respectively) compared defined ones (66.38cm), even so showed similarity in carcass length. In the evaluation of the ratios of commercial cuts of the carcass in forequarter, sidecut, and sawcut no group showed difference. The studied genetic groups, in the condition of non castrated and slaughter next to 420kg had showed low fat deposition. The characteristics of economic inference (commercial cuts) of the carcass had showed similarity among animals C, 5/8CN and 11/16CN.

genetic groups; percentage; fat thickness; commercial cuts; Longissimus dorsi area

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