Pulsed-wave tissue Doppler imaging of the myocardium of cats with induced thyrotoxicosis

Doppler tecidual pulsado do miocárdio de gatos com tirotoxicose induzida

Left ventricular myocardial motion was quantified using pulsed-wave tissue Doppler imaging (PW-TDI) in nine adult cats before and after thyrotoxicosis induction. In order to induce thyrotoxicosis, all cats were given 150µg kg-1 of levothyroxine sodium as a single oral dose each day for 10 weeks. PW-TDI examinations were performed immediately before the induction and by the end of the experimental protocol. An increase in myocardial motion velocity was documented at the interventricular septum level, demonstrated by an elevation in systolic (Sa), and early (Ea) and late (Aa) diastolic waves (P<0.05). However, no alteration in Sa, Ea and Aa values was seen at the lateral mitral annulus. Heart rate increased significantly between the experimental stages, and three of the animals presented fused Ea and Aa waves at the end of the experiment. The experimental protocol used in this study caused alterations in left ventricular myocardial motion velocity, but did not impair left ventricular diastolic function.

cat; echocardiography; hyperthyroidism; tissue Doppler imaging

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