Endoscopic transvaginal liver biopsy in bitches

A technique of hepatic biopsy by transvaginal approach (NOTES - Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery) is proposed. Seven dogs were used, and the experiment was divided into two stages including the liver biopsy and the evaluation of laparoscopic abdominal conditions after biopsy (53 days after). The animals were submitted to vaginal incision after exposition through the vulva. Through the vaginal incision was introduced a flexible endoscope of 11mm with two working channels, was introduced through the vaginal incision and used to obtain liver samples. The variables analyzed to verify the feasibility of the proposed biopsy were: operative time, surgical complications, technical difficulties, the quality of sample collected, the formation of vaginal adhesions and their characteristics and the biochemical condition of the liver. In conclusion, the liver biopsy by endoscopic transvaginal access is feasible in dogs. It permits to take appropriated hepatic samples for histological studies without changinghepatic parameters and intraperitoneal adhesions.

dog; videosurgery; endoscopy; laparoscopy; liver biopsy; NOTES

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