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Replacement of fish meal by fish silage on bullfrog tadpoles (Rana catesbeiana) feeding

Edney Murillo Secco Marta Verardino De Stéfani Rose Meire Vidotti About the authors

The present work aimed at evaluating the effects of replacement of fish silage on the bullfrog tadpoles diet. A total of five diets was tested as follows: D0- 100% fish meal (FM); D1- 50% FM and 50% acid silage obtained from tilapia filleting residue (AFR); D2- 100% AFR; D3- 50% FM and 50% acid silage obtained from whole freshwater fish (AFF) and D4- 100% AFF. All treatments were carried with four replicates and a completely randomized design. The parameters analyzed for both performance and body composition of the tadpoles showed that the best results were obtained with diets D0 , D1, and D3. The results did not differ statistically among themselves, which indicates that fish meal can be replaced, up to 50%, by acid silage from tilapia filleting residue or whole freshwater fish.

fish silage; bullfrog tadpoles; Rana catesbeiana

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