Time and partition of nitrogen fertilization side-dressed applied on bean crop, black and carioca commercial group, in direct sowing

The research had as objective to evaluate what is the better time of N application and what is the partition of nitrogen fertilization to be used in no tillage system, in bean cultivars of black and carioca commercial groups. The experiment was conducted in Jaboticaba city - RS. The treatments were N application, using urea as nitrogen source, in one dose (100%) in the time: seedling emergence, at 7, 14, 21, 28 and 35 days after emergence (DAE) and according to the following partition combinations: 50%+50%, 30%+70 and 70%+30% of the dose in each time, totalizing 36 treatments. The variables evaluated were: plant height (cm); number of nodes of principal stem; number of nodes m-2; number of pods plant-1; number of pods m-2; number of grains pod-1; base height of the first pod from the soil; insertion height of the first pod; and 100 grains mass and productivity. It is concluded that the better time of application and partition was 30% of the dose at 7DAE + 70% at 35DAE differing of the suggestions proposed by the actual N recommendations for bean crop. And that the application of 100% of the N dose, at the seedlings emergence, presented the lowest productivity does not showing be promising to the bean groups studied.

Phaseolus vulgaris L.; nitrogen fertilization; productivity

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