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Digestible lysine requirements for male broilers keeping methionine + cystine and threonine ratios in the ideal protein

A study was conducted to evaluate the requirement of digestible lysine and nutrition plans for broilers with high genetic potential. Four hundred and ninety five one-day-old Cobb chicks with initial average weight of 45.6g±0.3g were used, allotted in a completely randomized design with three diets containing different levels of lysine, nine replicates, and 11 birds per experimental unit, to determine the best lysine level for the pre-starter phase (1 to 7 days old) and the best nutritional plan for the total period (1 to 21 days of age). Lysine levels did not influence broilers' feed intake. The digestible lysine intake increased linearly with increasing levels of this amino acid in the diet. Weight gain and feed conversion improved quadratically by increasing dietary levels of lysine. Digestible lysine requirement of 1-to-7-day-old male broilers is 1.30 and 1.29% for best weight gain and feed conversion, respectively, corresponding to intakes of 2.68 and 2.64g digestible lysine. The nutritional plan PN3 meets the nutritional needs of male broilers from 1 to 21 days of age.

amino acid; poultry; performance; nutrient; protein; diet

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