Colleting capacity of two methods of insect sampling in soybean in diferent row spacings

Sampling is a key component in the Integrated Pest Management. In this studit was compared the colleting capacity of two sampling methods for caterpillar (Anticarsia gemmatalis Hueb., 1818) and stink bug (Piezodorus guildinii Westw., 1837). An experiment was carried out in soybean sown in three spacing (0.30, 0.40 and 0.50m). The experiment design was a completely randomized design with ten repetitions (sampling) in a 2x3 factorial. The population of velvetbean caterpillar and stink bug was evaluated in two sampling methods (beating cloth and vertical beat sheet) and three row spacing, at V8 and R6 stages, for caterpillar and stink bug, respectively. Results showed greater efficiency of the vertical beat sheet compared with beating cloth in colleting caterpillar. In the smaller spacing, the vertical beating cloth did not clarify its greater capacity of colleting bugs, as observed for caterpillars. These results show that more studies are necessary to evaluate sampling methods of insects in soybean using different plant spacing.

IPM; vertical beat sheet; beating cloth; Anticarsia gemmatalis; Piezodorus guildinii

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