Diagnostic quality of mammary nodes biopsy with Super-core II® needle of bitches

The core needle biopsy is an easy method and fast that offers tumors sample, widely used in diagnosis of mammary injuries in women. The aim of the study was the diagnostic evaluation of the biopsy in 26 mammary nodes of 19 female dogs, using the cut needle Super-core II® 14-ga x 9cm. After the biopsy, the patients had been submitted to mastectomy for attainment of mammary nodes. The biopsies specimens and the nodes had been histological analyzed and classified neoplasm according to World Health Organization (WHO). The core needle biopsy showed sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 71.4% in the diagnosis of adenocarcinomas and in the diagnosis of carcinosarcomas, the 71.4% of sensitivity and 100% of specificity. And according to Goodman and Kruskall (P<0.0001) test presented diagnostic effectiveness of 81.6%. The biopsy with Super-core II is an efficient method for the histological classification of mammary nodes in female dogs.

core needle biopsy; tumor; mammary

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